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Stockman Jiu Jitsu Team

Alan Stockman Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Greenwood

Alan Stockman

3rd Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor and Owner

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie Sr >

Carlson Gracie Jr > Alan Stockman

Alan began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Luiz Filho in Fortaleza, Brazil, in October of 1997. He lived, trained and competed in Brazil for almost four years. He earned 2 degrees on his Blue Belt before returning home to the United States. Stockman continued training after returning back to the US. At the time, there was not much Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Northern Indiana, so he traveled often to work with other Black Belts all over the US. He continued until he earned his Black Belt in 2011 and at the same time opened up his school in Greenwood, Indiana. 


Before Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu he did a little Tae Kwon Do as a teen, but it never really captured his attention. It wasn’t until he was living in Brazil and was invited by a friend to attend a class. After the class he was paired up with a young kid that was maybe 15 years old. Stockman was 24 at the time, bigger, stronger, but found that his physical advantage didn’t help while live training. He was fascinated at how the technique was so advantageous. That day he bought a gi and never stopped training. 


Before Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he had competed in soccer and cycling extensively. It was through soccer, that he found his path to go to Brazil. Nowadays if he is not in the gym, he likes to fish, hunt, read, and play chess. 

Other Highlights

  • Competed in dozens of IBJJF events at Black Belt

  • Competed in 4 MMA matches with a record of 3-0-1

  • Co-founded the Michiana Fight League in 2006 and organized over 25 events

  • Spent almost 4 years in Brazil traveling, studying, competing and training Jiu Jitsu

  • Studied at the Universidade Federal do Ceara 1997-1998

  • Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese

  • Graduated from IUPUI in 2002 with degree in Computer Engineering Technology

  • Black Belt recognized by the USBJJF/IBJJF - Affiliation Number 31927

Tyler Rahschulte

Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Tyler started in March 2015 because after college he had gained a bit of weight and wanted to get fit along with always loving UFC/MMA. He won IBJJF Indianapolis 2023 at Brown Belt and his favorite technique is Bow and Arrow Choke,


Tyler grew up doing Karate and played baseball throughout high school. Having that experience helped him understand the concept of learning techniques.


At Blue Belt, he broke his humorous, from then on he knew he couldn’t quit jiujitsu if it was going to leave him scarred.


He loves going to Korea and hopes to one day live there. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Greenwood Indiana
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Greenwood

Tyler Cook

Black Belt

 Tyler has been training under Alan for roughly 11 years and did some training with a partner for about 9 months before coming to a formal gym. He started training out of curiosity, he had a guy in a local gym rolling around with a grappling dummy in a small gym in his hometown. He asked him what he was doing, and he said drilling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques so he asked if he could join. They trained together for a while before he came to Stockman Jiu Jitsu. 

He's completed all over the Midwest, Indy, Chicago, and Louisville. Naga’s Grappling 5, IBJJF. The most fun competition he's done was the Carlson Gracie in-house tournament. The medal for that is hanging on the wall in the gym. His favorite techniques are probably the flower or pendulum sweeps. As far as submissions he's always loved a good bow and arrow.  

Outside of jiu-jitsu his first love was and is basketball. He enjoys playing when he can and watching college hoops. To help supplement his Jiu-Jitsu, Tyler loves kettlebell workouts.  

Rosie Loichinger 

Black Belt

Meet Roseanne, a dedicated Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who started her martial arts journey at the age of 10 with karate. Her passion for wrestling led her to begin Jiu-Jitsu at 19, and she quickly developed a love for the armbar technique.


Despite facing challenges due to a learning comprehension disability, which affects her memory retention, Rosie persevered and spent 17 years training to attain her Black Belt. Jiu-Jitsu has not only provided her with a fulfilling pursuit but has also helped her strengthen her weaknesses by forcing her to learn in a unique way.


Rosie joined Stockman Jiu-Jitsu in 2012 as a Blue Belt and competed extensively from White to Purple Belts. She remains a student of the sport, continuously learning and growing in her skills. As an instructor, she is particularly passionate about teaching kids, where she is a tremendous asset to the school. Her dedication and love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu serve as an inspiration to all who train with her.

Womens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Greenwood Indiana
BJJ Classes in Greenwood

Bryan Zeilinga

Black Belt

Bryan Zeilinga, a dedicated Black Belt with over a decade of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a wealth of knowledge in kickboxing and MMA. With a passion for teaching and a love for the Kimura Trap, Bryan brings a unique perspective to his classes, helping students of all levels reach their full potential.


Before focusing on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Bryan spent 10 years honing his skills in kickboxing and a few years in MMA. He had an impressive record in MMA of 7-2 and has also competed in submission-only matches. It was during one of his MMA losses, where he was choked that he decided the importance of learning the ground, so that is when he started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Now, Bryan's favorite thing is seeing his kids learn and successfully competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Growing up Bryan played a lot of baseball, he had a .666 batting average and never had an error when he played in during High School.


When he's not training or teaching, Bryan tutors kids online. His dedication to helping others learn and grow in various aspects of life is truly inspiring.

Marco Demo

Brown Belt

Marco is a dedicated Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He began his journey in 2012 at Team Colón, where he began honing his skills in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA. He began training because of a desire to improve his fitness and learn practical self-defense. 


He quickly began competing and has stayed active from White Belt to Brown Belt with notable achievements including a gold at the IBJJF Chicago Open and Fuji Indianapolis. Marco’s favorite techniques are the scissor sweep and bow and arrow choke. 


Outside of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Marco is an avid fan of Notre Dame football and loves to practice boxing. He is also a self-proclaimed Black Belt at Connect Four.

BJJ Classes Indianapolis
Womens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Indianapolis

Bruna Mascarenhas Harris 

Brown Belt

Meet Bruna Harris, a dedicated Brown Belt in  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hailing from the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Bruna's journey in martial arts began in 2011 with kickboxing, but her passion for grappling was ignited when she decided to give Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a try at her gym just a year after she began kickboxing.


Since then, Bruna has immersed herself in the world of Jiu-Jitsu, competing extensively from White to Purple Belt and developing a keen interest in the spider guard technique. 


Bruna’s love for the sport made it a central focus in her life, and she credits an injury during a competition that helped her to reprioritize what truly matters in her life. Bruna’s commitment to Jiu-Jitsu remains unwavering. As a student, she continues to learn and progress and as an instructor, she is able to share her passion and expertise with others, helping them grow and develop their

skills on the mat. 


When Bruna isn't teaching or training, she works as a photographer, capturing life's moments through her lens. Bruna is also a devoted follower of Christ, and her faith plays an essential role in her life. 

Eric Brown

Purple Belt

In 2015, Eric embarked on his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey with a simple goal - to acquire enough knowledge to assist his son. Little did he know, this endeavor would ignite his own fervor for training, learning,

and coaching.

Eric's heart lies in mastering control and applying relentless pressure on the mat. He firmly believes that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a transformative force that can touch lives. His mantra? "You're never too old, out of shape, or non-athletic. Just show up."

Beyond Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Eric's world revolves around family. He's a dedicated family man who treasures every moment with his loved ones. Outside of the gym, you'll often find him exploring the great outdoors through hiking and hunting. He's also deeply invested in fitness, coaching, and technology leadership.

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes Greenwood
Familiy Jiu Jitsu Classes Greenwood

Jon Clark

Purple Belt

Coming soon

Joe Plahitko

Blue Belt

Joe, who is a software engineer, a husband and a father of 4, a musician and an artist, has started as a means of helping his son feel comfortable with the art and to help him progress. From there, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu became his obsession. 


His journey is pretty common in his opinion, but the bond he has with his son now is stronger than ever, and he has to believe that is in part because of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s a journey that never stops, and he can’t wait to see where it takes us along the way. His​ favorite technique is cross chokes from everywhere.

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