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Welcome to Stockman Jiu-Jitsu

Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu jitsu Indianapolis

Welcome to Stockman Jiu-Jitsu, located in Greenwood, Indiana, where we've been providing a clean, friendly, and welcoming environment for over a decade. Since 2011, we've been dedicated to offering an optimal learning experience for men, women, and children. 


At Stockman Jiu-Jitsu, we have two separate matted rooms, both equipped with Zebra Mats over a foam block subfloor, providing ample space for training. This unique feature sets our training apart from others, as the foam block subfloor creates a more comfortable and forgiving surface, allowing you to train longer and more effectively, ensuring a superior training experience.


We offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for fitness, self-defense, and competition. Our Black Belt instruction and student/instructor interaction provide a unique and engaging learning environment, perfect for those looking to learn and grow in the Indianapolis area.


Our school helps students of all levels develop flexibility, motor coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and a stronger core. With engaging and fun training, Stockman Jiu-Jitsu delivers an unparalleled experience that will help you reach your goals.

Proper Etiquette for Stockman Jiu-Jitsu

In maintaining a positive and respectful training environment, we ask our students to adhere to the following etiquette guidelines:

Personal Hygiene

Ensure your body is clean before training to promote a hygienic environment.


If you have long hair, tie it back to avoid interference during training.

Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth regularly to uphold oral hygiene standards.

Gi Maintenance

Wash your gi after EVERY class. If you train frequently, consider having more than one gi.

Nail Care

Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed to prevent unintentional injuries.


Remove rings, earrings, piercings, and other jewelry before training.

Skins Conditions

Refrain from training with open cuts or skin irritations to prevent infection.


Always wear flip-flops or shoes when off the mats for cleanliness.

Respectful Behavior

Maintain a respectful atmosphere by avoiding talking during instructional sessions.


Be on time for classes, and if late, speak to the instructor before entering the mats.

Health Considerations

Stay home if you are sick to prevent the spread of illness.

Respect for Instructors and Peers

Show respect to instructors and training partners at all times.

Live Training Courtesy

During live training, higher ranks have the right of way. If nearby, the lower rank should yield.

Safety First

Use common sense and prioritize safety during training to create a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone

By following these etiquette guidelines, we can foster a positive and respectful atmosphere at Stockman Jiu Jitsu.

Our Mats

Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Greenwood
Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Greenwood

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